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170 Chestnut Street,
Amherst MA 01002

Superintendent’s Office

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Below is a list of staff members within the Office the of the Superintendent.  A full list of District leaders is available on the District Leadership page, and the Central Offices Organizational Chart is available for your convenience.

Dr.  Doug Slaughter

Tel. (413) 362-1807

Assistant to the Superintendent                           Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent of Diversity, Equity & Human Resources
Sasha Figueroa                                                   Carol Newman-Rose
Tel. (413) 362-1807                                             Tel. (413) 362-1808

Director of Communications & Operations
Debbie Westmoreland

Tel. (413) 362-1823

Superintendent’s Vision Statement

We must recognize our students for who they are and must challenge them to excel while balancing their academic progress with expressive, personal, physical, civic, and social development. We must provide our students with the highest quality education possible in order to prepare them for success in a global, interconnected future. The 21st century education at ARPS will enable our students to address challenges we cannot predict, to use adaptive and creative thinking and problem-solving, to understand technology and languages, and to respect and understand diverse beliefs, cultures and backgrounds.

To achieve excellence for our students, we are committed to being the highest quality educational system possible. This includes a commitment to continual improvement, informed reflection, and the collection and analysis of data. As an educational system, we must attract and retain excellent educators who can provide a challenging, relevant and cohesive curriculum that serves the needs of our diverse students. We reaffirm our commitment to a vital and focused program of professional development for our staff and a safe environment for learning and constructive communication for our students. And we commit to the wise allocation of the resources our communities provide.

We need to ensure that every student participates in a rigorous and engaging learning experience.

The district Strategic Plan can be found with this link.