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Staff Tutorials and Distance Learning

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Below you will find links to documentation or tutorials for some of the GSuite Tools and tips for integrating them into Distance Learning:

Google Meet – Hangouts Meet is used to create video meetings with up to 100 participants. Participants can connect using their computer and use their camera and microphone. Participants can also connect using a phone via a dial-in number. Presenters can easily share their screen with participants. For more information view Hangouts Meet training and Help. It is important to note the Meet was designed to be a secure conferencing platform as you can read in the How Google Meet keeps conferencing Secure Blog Post

Google Classroom – Classroom is a Learning Management System that helps students and teachers organize assignments, boost collaboration, and foster better communication. Classroom Help can be found at Classroom Help and at the Classroom Teacher Center

Tips for Enabling Distance Learning Through GSuite and Chrome – Document sharing some of the challenges when moving to distance learning and tips for using GSuite and Chrome to overcome them. There are clickable links within the document.

Bringing Student Work Online – Google for Education Teacher Center Unit 7. Be sure to explore the other units and the Teacher Center site for more useful information.

Google Webinar on Distance Learning – A recently published (9 March 2020) video by Jennie Magiera, Global Head of Education Impact for Google giving tips as to how might educators leverage powerful tools to extend learning to home environments. A long (over an hour) video but also a good example of how to chunk content. (Look in the description for a list of topics and the corresponding time code) Here is the Slide Deck from the presentation.

Create & grade quizzes with Google Forms – Learn how to use Google Forms to give quizzes and even grade them automatically. You can even use locked mode for quizzes. Locked mode prevents quiz takers from launching other apps or browsing other websites.

Equatio for Google – Easily create mathematical equations, formulas, quizzes and more in GSuite apps. One of the challenges of digitizing math assignments has been the difficulty of entering equations either when creating the content or when completing assignments or quizzes. The Equatio extension is available for installation in the Google Chrome store under for Start learning with the Quick Reference Guide.

Provided by Dr. Price: Ditch that textbook, 50 elearning activities, templates and tutorials

Connect to an ARPS computer from outside the buildings – We have created a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) that allows a Mac or PC user to go to a web page, login and connect to a virtual machine and work as if you’re logged in to a computer in the building, including access to all the files in your home directory and the shared drive. There are currently 4 separate groups based on needs: IS, Business Office, Central Office and Faculty. Different groups have different capabilities. Central Office and Faculty VMs regenerate after logout so anything installed will be gone for the next user. Remote Desktop Connection is built in to most versions of Windows. Mac users will need to go the the App Store and download the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client. Users then need to open a web browser of their choice and navigate to the following address: Login with your network credentials using the format arps\username and your network password. you You will be taken to a page listing which “pools” of virtual machines are available. Click on the pool and a file will be downloaded. Click on the downloaded file and you will see a prompt with a warning about an unknown publisher. Click on connect. You will be prompted to login again and it may have your username already entered. This is to login to the virtual computer. You will receive another warning. Just click on Yes. The virtual machine will now launch. It will take a few minutes as it is creating the machine every time you login. Soon the desktop will load and you will be connected to a computer just as if you were logged in to the network. Important: Do not shut down when you are finished. Please just logout.

ARPS Tech Support

Accessing the school network from outside for Windows users

Mac users will need to make sure the Microsoft Remote Desktop app is installed before they can access a virtual machine. Here is a video illustrating that process. Once the Microsoft Remote Desktop App is install follow these instructions on logging in to a VM from a Mac.