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Student completing an art project at Summit Academy

Therapeutic components are integrated into all aspects of the students’ school experience. This is accomplished through specific teaching methodologies, social emotional skill practice, relationship building in the classroom, as well as through community building activities such as wilderness experiences, exposure to the arts, and the opportunity for enrichment through volunteerism and grant writing.

Summit Academy employs two full-time clinicians who provide students with positive behavioral and therapeutic support to develop academic and personal resilience, develop a strong vision and purpose for their future, and to identify areas of personal strength. The clinicians work collaboratively with teachers to share a clinical perspective, as well as techniques for using the school setting to work effectively with and build students self-regulation skills amidst social and emotional challenges. Clinicians are continuously collaborating and engaging consultation services from outside professionals and district staff, as needed, including licensed psychologists and other related service personnel. The students can partake in both group and individual counseling as indicated by their IEP.

Each student at Summit Academy has an individualized educational plan (IEP) and is assigned a team consisting of specially selected members, who meets with the student and the student’s family (parents/guardians) and outside providers and agencies, when appropriate to identify the student’s academic and emotional needs. Transition planning is a critical part of the IEP process, and it is addressed during the IEP meetings and is built into our daily schedule. The “transition class” addresses the transition goals and post-secondary needs, students are able to learn new skills that will directly impact their ability to implement their post-secondary vision.