Summit Academy’s Name

Aug 2, 2018

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So, how did our school get its name “Summit Academy?”  It was derived from the location of our school, in particular its location next to the Mt. Holyoke Range. With the name change, our school undertook a school challenge to hike local mountain ranges in the Pioneer Valley and to reach the summit of those mountains.

Thus far, Summit students and staff have hiked two mountains. Last year, Bare Mountain, and this year students and staff spent time at Mt. Tom in Holyoke, MA. Here’s pictures that our students and staff took of their days at Bare Mountain and Mt. Tom, with hikes, activities, and lunch outside. It is not affiliated with any other school with the same name and is an approved public day school for Amherst-Pelham regional school district.

Students Hiking Bare MountainStudent on the Summit of Bare MountainStudent climbing fire tower at Mt. TomStuents on the top of the fire tower at Mt. Tom