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Due to COVID-19, Registration will solely be online. Please find the information regarding Registration below. 

Contact the Elementary Registrar, Mildred Martinez on how to register if you have any questions or concerns at (413) 362-1871



Only children who will be 5 years of age on or before September 1, 2021 can register for Kindergarten.
K-12 Registration

Please see the documents required for registration below:

Student Identification:
Original Birth Certificate

Proof of Birth/Temporary Card (given at the hospital)
Parent/Guardian Identification is required for admission and should be brought to registration:
Government-issued photographic form of identification:
Driver’s License or State ID

Custody Records: If applicable to your family situation, proof of physical custody, which has been granted by a court of law, must be submitted.

The official court issued documents or official letters from the Department of Children and Families

Immunization records must be documented by a licensed health care provider or school health record and must include the month, date, and year of each immunization. Massachusetts State law does NOT allow a student to be enrolled until the immunization documentation is presented and shows that the student is fully immunized. 

Proof of Residency:
The parent/legal guardian and student(s) need to be included in the Lease/Section 8 agreement as authorized tenants.

To see which school your child will attend see the Elementary School Finder below, enter your address, and go into the map section. The school will show on the left-hand side of the page.  Elementary School Finder

We will make every effort to register your child(ren) as soon as possible, however, there are times when this process can and will take several days. You can expedite this process greatly if you provide all required documentation at the time of registration.

Under Massachusetts law, a child may attend the schools of the town in which s/he resides.  To attend public school in Amherst, in Pelham, or in the Regional District, a student must reside permanently in Amherst, in Pelham, or in one of the Regional towns, respectively, and must reside with at least one parent or legal guardian who has physical custody.  Typically, the residence of a child under 18 is the residence of the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) who has/have physical custody of the child. “Residence” is the place where a person dwells currently, with an intention to remain, and is in the town that is the core of his/her domestic, social, and civil life.

The School District may require a variety of documentation to establish proof of residency and custody.  Investigations may be made by school officials to assure that a student maintains a bona fide permanent residence in the town.  Parents/guardians are under a continuing obligation to inform the School District of any and all changes to a student’s residential status.

Students over 18 and living apart from parents/guardians in one of the Region’s towns are entitled to attend school as residents.  Children who are undocumented immigrants and residing in the school districts are entitled to attend school as residents.  Students who are placed in a residence in town by a public agency are entitled to attend school as residents.  This residency policy does not apply to homeless students. 

Any student who is determined to be a non-resident while enrolled in a school in any of the districts will be dismissed for non-residency.  The dismissal may be appealed to the Superintendent, and the student may be allowed to remain in school pending the outcome of the appeal.

Change of Address:
If you have moved within the school district, please contact your child’s school to report the new address and provide proof of residency. Please review the required documents for proof of Residency. MA Public School attendance is based on where a student actually resides and only resident students are able to attend. If you have moved to another community, please contact the school about how to withdraw your student and request that records are sent to the new school.

School Withdrawal
If you have moved or will be transferring your child to another public, private or charter school, please contact the Main Office at your child’s school to withdraw your child, and use the “Student Withdrawals” link to unenroll.

Student Withdrawal K-6
Student Withdrawal 7-12

Homeless Information
If you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, the Family Center may be able to help you.  Contact the ARPS Family Center at 413 362-1871.

Information for Registration   Información para Matrícula   您需要的信息:完成您的注册    Renseignements Importants Pour Inscrire Votre Enfant