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Policy JKD: Student Suspension

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Serious breaches of standards of behavior may result in suspensionfrom school in accordance with applicable State and Federallaws/regulations and court decisions. The principal of each school willimplement specific procedures for imposing suspensions, conferring withparents, and readmitting and counseling suspended students.

A suspension may be imposed when a student’s behavior creates athreat to his/her own or other’s safety such as fighting, committing anassault on another, stealing, vandalism, (possessing weapons, explosivesor prohibited materials), making false alarms or bomb threats, lewd orthreatening behavior or language. In cases of repeated violations ofother disciplinary rules, suspension may be imposed after other attemptshave been made to resolve the problem.

Additionally, suspensions may also be imposed for the violation ofrules set forth in student handbooks reviewed and approved by the SchoolCommittee.

In cases involving possession of weapons, possession of controlledsubstances or assault upon a staff member, a student may be subject toimmediate expulsion. (See Policy JKE .)

Prior to a suspension being imposed, the student facing a possiblesuspension will be provided due process which includes a notice andexplanation of the suspension the right to representation, anopportunity to present his/her own views, evidence, and witnesses forthe situation. Whenever possible, parents or guardians will be notifiedby telephone prior to the suspension. Suspended students will not bein school, on the school grounds, or at school-sponsored activities orathletic events unless expressly permitted by the principal.

Before the above steps to impose a suspension have been completed,the principal or his/her designee may remove the student from the schoolgrounds with an immediate suspension if the continued presence of thestudent presents a danger to himself/herself or to other students or tostaff, or disrupts the educational process.

A student suspended for more than ten days has the right to appeal the disciplinary decision to the Superintendent.


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Goss v Lopez, 419 U.S. 565 (1975) Supreme Court


Policy JKE

Region Voted to Approve: 8/29/06
Amherst Voted to Approve: 9/19/06
Pelham Voted to Approve: 9/7/06
Effective Date: 9/19/06