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Policy IHBG: Home Education of Students

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The School Committees recognize the right of parents to have a home education alternative to public school for their child. This right is not absolute but subject to reasonable regulation by the local school authorities. Parents have the right to propose a home education alternative and the School Committee or Superintendent has the right,under Section I of Chapter 76 of the Massachusetts General Laws to approve or to disapprove it. Such approval must be obtained in advance of its implementation.

In evaluating each proposed home education alternative, the school authorities will consider the following factors:

  • The competency of the teachers. Though certification is not required, the presence or absence of the requirements that would lead to certification may be considered.
  • The teaching of subjects required by state law, Chapter 71, Sections 1, 2 and 3, or regulation; the manner in which they are taught so as to impart comparable knowledge as given in the local schools.
  • The number of hours and days devoted to teaching to meet the minimum requirements of the state.
  • The adequacy of the texts, materials, methods and programs being used.
  • The availability of periodic tests and measurement of the child’s educational growth.

The recommendations of the Superintendent will be considered important whenever the School Committee is the approving authority.

Parents have the right to a hearing before the school authorities to allow them an opportunity to explain their plan and answer questions about it. They may be represented by counsel and shall be provided reasonable notice of the time and place of such a hearing.

If a plan is approved, there will be a periodic evaluation of the child’s progress under guidelines and standards set by the School Committee to measure whether adequate educational progress has been made.


MGL 69:1D , 76:1 ,
Care and Protection of Charles – Mass. Supreme Judicial Court 399 Mass. 324 (1987)

Region Voted to Approve: 1/79
Amherst Voted to Approve: 1/4/83
Pelham Voted to Approve: 1/11/83
Effective Date: 1/79