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Policy HF: School Committee Negotiating Agents

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The Amherst-Pelham Regional School Committee is responsible for negotiations with recognized employee bargaining units. (See Policy HAA)  However, because of the expertise and time required for negotiations,the Regional School Committee will hire a negotiator to bargain in good faith with recognized bargaining units to help assure that mutually satisfactory agreements on wages, hours, and other terms and conditions of employment will be developed.

The Regional School Committee will appoint the negotiator and the fee or salary for his/her services will be established in accordance with the law and/or the existing contract or letter of understanding at the time of appointment. 

The duties of the negotiator will be as follows:

1. To negotiate in good faith with recognized bargaining units to arrive at a mutually satisfactory agreement on wages, hours, and working conditions of employees represented by the units.

  1. The negotiator may recommend members of the administration for their expertise (e.g. director of Human Resources, Director of Finance) to serve on the negotiation team. They will not be members of any unit that negotiates with the Regional School Committee, and their participation in negotiations must be approved by the Superintendent and approved by the Regional School Committee.
  2. He/she will direct accumulation of necessary data needed for negotiations, such as comparative information.
  3. He/she will follow guidelines set forth by the Regional School Committee as to acceptable agreements and will report on the progress of negotiations.
  4. He/she will make recommendations to the negotiating team of the Regional School Committee as to acceptable agreements.

2. The negotiator will interpret the signed negotiated contracts to administrators and may be called upon to offer advice on various aspects of contract administration during the terms of the contracts with employee organizations.

The Chair of the Regional School Committee will appoint a negotiating team for each negotiation as needed. The School Committee representation on a negotiating team will consist of no more than three School Committee members and will include School Committee members from at least two towns.  The role and authority of the Regional School Committee’s negotiating team is limited to the conduct of negotiations and the making of tentative agreements that will be subject to review and ratification by the full Regional School Committee.

During years between collective bargaining contract negotiations, the Superintendent (or his/her designee) will represent the Regional School Committee in all matters pertaining to collective bargaining (i.e.grievances, arbitrations, proceedings pertaining to negotiations,limited negotiations and communication with employee organizations). The Superintendent will seek legal counsel when he/she deems necessary and will bring to the attention of the Regional School Committee all matters that require its approval.

No one other than an authorized negotiating team in the context of negotiations, the Committee’s negotiator, or the Superintendent (or his/her designee) is authorized to represent the Regional School Committee in any communications or negotiations with an employee organization.



MGL 71:37E


Region Voted to Approve: 9/27/11
Amherst Voted to Approve:
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