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Policy EEAB: No Standing Bus Policy

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It is the policy of the Amherst-Pelham Regional School Committee, the Amherst School Committee and the Pelham School Committee to provide school bus transportation with sufficient seating and, therefore, not require students to remain standing. To this end, the following actions shall be taken annually:

  • In projecting seating requirements for the opening of schools, the best estimates available will be used to determine the number of students needing school bus transportation.
  • Should the opening of school result in students standing in any bus due to the lack of seating, the school administration shall take immediate steps to provide seats for these students as quickly as possible. This may include, but not be limited to, the reallocation of students among bus routes.
  • Should no other remedy be available other than the addition of another bus, the Regional School Committee shall be immediately notified of this by the Superintendent.
  • Should any change occur in the student population during the school year, or other condition, result in students standing on a bus, the school administration will also take similar steps to resolve this matter as quickly as possible.

Region Voted to Approve: 5/28/96
Amherst Voted to Approve:
Pelham Voted to Approve:
Effective Date: 5/28/96