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Policy DFH: School Fundraising

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Policy DFH: School Fundraising

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education allows student activity organizations to conduct fundraising activities and accept gifts and donations in accordance with School Committee policies and for the benefit of students to supplement student activities.  If a student organization has community services as part of its mission, students may raise funds for charitable purposes if approved in advance by the School Principal or designee. The School Committee recognizes the importance of fundraising to support various school programs but wishes to ensure that students are not overburdened by fundraising initiatives.  While it is expected that the normal budget process will provide the primary funding needed by the district, fundraising can be used to cover short-term single cost items or activities.  The School Committee has final approval over all fundraising activities; however, approval is delegated to the Superintendent.

Situations occasionally arise that lead to fundraising efforts initiated by staff outside of student activities (i.e. in case of natural disaster, student needs, etc.).  This policy refers to such fundraising initiatives.

Approval Process

  1. The employee initiating a fundraising activity shall be considered the sponsor.  Sponsors must submit the Fundraising Proposal Form, which must be approved by the Principal in advance of any fundraising activity.  Proposal Forms will be returned to the event sponsor either approving or denying the request, and sponsors may not begin any part of the fundraising activity in advance of receiving approval.  Each sponsor will normally be limited to two fundraising events per year. 
  1. Each Principal shall keep a master list of all fundraising events, which will be submitted to the Superintendent no later than October 1st of the school year.  Any significant additions to the fundraising list will be forwarded to the Superintendent once approved by the Principal. The superintendent has the authority to approve or disapprove of any individual fundraising activity, and the Superintendent and School Committee reserve the right to withdraw support for individual fundraising activities if concerns arise. 
  1. School Committee approval must be sought for any targeted large fundraising events, such as those for new playgrounds or libraries, that are anticipated to exceed $10,000 in donations, to ensure compliance with Department of Revenue guidelines.
  1. District solicitation of grants or gifts to provide essential instructional materials is discouraged, however, in exceptional circumstances the Superintendent will review requests via the Fundraising Proposal Form.
  1. Charitable Fundraising—While recognizing the best of intentions in response to crises, proposals to raise funds for charitable purposes (e.g. to benefit survivors of national disasters) outside of an approved student organization requires approval of the Superintendent.   No general collection of money or goods may be made without the specific consent of the Superintendent.
  1. Crowd Funding—Teachers and school staff may not fundraise through any Crowd Funding website without specific approval of the Superintendent and Director of Finance.  Monetary gifts that need to be transferred to the District electronically will not be approved as the District will not give out banking information to websites.

Fundraising Guidelines

  1. Individual student or staff emails may not be used in conjunction with any fundraising activities without the approval of the school principal or appropriate district director.
  1. Contributions of time and money in fundraising activities must be on a strictly voluntary basis.
  1. All competitive foods and beverages sold or provided in public schools shall comply with the nutrition standards of 105 CMR 225.000 except those sold on school grounds up to 30 minutes before the beginning of the school day or 30 minutes after the end of the school day.  This exception shall not apply to competitive foods sold through vending machines, which must comply with these standards at all times.
  1. The sale, raffling, or any form of distribution of any substance or item banned on school property for the purpose of fundraising is prohibited.
  1. The District’s preference is that no competitive prizes are awarded for fundraising.



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