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Policy CHCA: Student and Staff Handbooks

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In order that pertinent Committee policies and important regulations and procedures may be known by all staff members and students affected by them, administrators are required to publish the policies covering staff and students.

The administrators will issue staff and student handbooks as found necessary and desirable.  Standards of conduct will be included in staff and student handbooks.  Regulations and handbooks which pertain to required standard of conduct for employees or students will be available to all of the employees or students affected by them.  

The law directs that in each school building containing the grades nine to twelve, inclusive, the Principal, in consultation with the school council shall prepare and distribute to each student a handbook setting forth the rules pertaining to conduct of students.   The school council shall review the handbook each spring to consider changes in the disciplinary policy to take effect in September.

It is essential that the contents of all handbooks conform to School Committee policies.  It is also important that all handbooks bearing the name of the school system or one of its schools be of a quality that reflects credit on the school system.

All handbooks published will be made available to the School Committee for informational purposes.


MGL 71:37H

Region Voted to Approve: 3/29/11
Amherst Voted to Approve: 4/26/11
Pelham Voted to Approve: 1/6/11
Effective Date: