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Policy ACB: Affirmative Action on Cultural Diversity

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The School Committees acknowledge their responsibility to the community of diverse individuals and groups to provide teachers and all other staff who possess the competencies which best meet the needs of students.  Our public schools have a major responsibility for preparing students for lifelong, active and constructive participation in a society which is culturally diverse.  Cultural diversity is understood to mean diversity in race, ethnic background, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, abilities, family composition and religious beliefs.  Therefore, the School Committees will provide students with (1) a school staffing environment in which such cultural diversity is clearly present, and (2) a selection of instructional programs which reflect the value of this cultural diversity.

The Committees affirm a policy that guarantees equal employment opportunity in the recruitment, selection, retention and promotion processes without discrimination for reasons of race, ethnic background, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical abilities, or religious beliefs. The Committees recognize, however, that such a policy, by itself, may unintentionally still serve to maintain the status quo of the school system.  Therefore, the Committees direct the following affirmative action:


  • The School Districts will implement and periodically review a program of positive steps to obtain, retain, and promote a qualified staff that is culturally diverse.
  • The School Districts will strive toward employing a qualified staff which reflects the diversity and composition of the student body, and a staff which includes individuals from historically marginalized groups.
  • To support development of a diverse applicant pool, the School Districts will implement informational programs and seek out partnerships to help community members qualify for faculty and staff positions that will reflect the composition of the student body.
  • The School Districts will implement instructional programs to create among students and staff an awareness of the existence and positive value of cultural diversity within our society and the strength which can be derived from such diversity.
  • The School Districts will implement informational and educational programs to help the community recognize the value of cultural diversity in school programs and cultural competency of staff.
  • The Superintendent is charged with the responsibility for developing, implementing and evaluating the programs called for in this policy.The Superintendent shall report periodically to the School Committee on steps taken and progress made in implementing this affirmative action policy.



Region Voted to Approve: 5/28/2013

Effective Date: 5/28/2013