Third Grade

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Number of Years Teaching: 12

Started at Pelham: 2017

I have always been drawn to small-school communities and Pelham Elementary is just that! I love working in a school where children feel known and seen, and where teachers can build lasting partnerships with students and families. I believe each child’s natural curiosity is a springboard for deep learning experiences. In third grade, we lay the foundation for a growth mindset so that learning becomes a joyful and lifelong pursuit. I want my students to see themselves as change-makers, scientists, mathematicians, writers, and researchers. 

I’ve taught third, fourth, and fifth grade over the years and have worked in schools in Amherst, Greenfield, Taiwan, Washington State, and Guatemala. I love what I do and third grade is my absolute favorite grade to teach. Third graders are increasingly independent, ready to take on challenges, and -best of all- full of silly humor! 

I live in Amherst with my husband, Adam, our cat Totoro, and our dog Iroh. When I’m not teaching, I love to read, exercise, play around in the garden, travel, and play board games with friends.



Ms. LaPlante