Sixth Grade

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Teachers: Margaret Light, Carol Slaughter

I’ve been lucky enough to be the 6th grade teacher at Pelham School since 2008, and a fan of Pelham School since my (now adult) children attended and I caught the vision of how well a small school knows and values every learner in the community. I think the 6th graders are the coolest students in the building because of their deep curiosity about the world, their laugh-out-loud sense of humor and their incredibly clever ideas that make our class better. Being the main teacher of ELA, science, math and history for our 6th grade students means we get to know each other well, and I do my best to help them develop the skills they’ll need to be independent and successful in middle school. There are so many elements of our days and curriculum that I enjoy, including the daily Read Aloud time and talking about favorite books with students; our inquiry-driven science curriculum where students guide our investigations; the daily mindfulness and movement breaks; connecting and building empathy in our Restorative Circles; and developing our civic literacy by paying attention and making a difference.


Margaret Light