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School Nurse: Cathleen (Katy) Guisti


Phone: (413) 362-1103

Health Policies

Emergency Cards

An emergency information card is sent home with each student at the start of the school year. Families are requested to complete and return the card to school as soon as possible. This card is used to collect information to contact families in the event of an accident, illness or emergency at school. It also asks for information on medical conditions that the school should be aware of. Please contact the school nurse office at any time during the school year if your address, phone numbers or emergency contact information changes.

Medications At School

All medications (prescription and over-the-counter) must be kept in the school health office and must be presented in their original containers.Parent/guardian consent must be completed for each medication to be administered. A heath care provider must complete a written medication order for any medication prescribed for use over a 10-day period.Self-administration and consent to carry medication can be arranged between the school nurse, parent/guardian and health care provider for inhalers and epipens only. The school does not provide medication for students. Any medication to be used at school must be brought in by the student’s family. The health office cannot store medication over the summer. Any medication that is not picked up at the end of the school year will be destroyed. See also the school district’s medication policy.

Student Dismissal for Illness or Accident

Any student requesting early dismissal from school due to illness or accident must be seen in the school nurse office. The nurse will contact the family to make arrangements and provide written documentation that is then presented to the main office for dismissal.

Physical examinations

Physical examinations are required of all students entering the district and students entering grades K, 4, 7, and 10. Doctors must fill out the standard physical exam form from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, as well as the proof of immunization. A separate physical exam is required for students who wish to participate in the extracurricular athletic program. See information about Sport Physicals.


In accordance with Massachusetts General Law, students are to be immunized as specified by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.See details about Immunizations.    

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