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I have been teaching at Pelham for 23 years.  Before Pelham, I taught for 3 years on the island of Guam. I have always taught 5th grade, and can’t imagine teaching anything else.  Every new school year I feel the same excitement that I felt 26 years ago on my first day with my own classroom. There is something magical about starting a new school year. I love teaching for many reasons. I love seeing excitement, and light bulbs going off in a student’s eyes when a new concept clicks. I love reading books to them and there is such intense silence in the room because the students are enthralled in the book and care about the characters. I love teaching them history, science, reading, writing and a love for math. I believe in high standards, holding kids accountable, and helping all kids be as successful as possible both academically and socially. By the time the kids reach 5th grade, they are often like brothers and sisters. They know each other so well and are supportive of each other and each other’s differences. Pelham is a special place and I am proud to be part of the family.


Suzanne Quinlan