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I6: Home Use of Technology Equipment

Home 5 I6: Home Use of Technology Equipment

Category I: Instruction

Procedure I6: Home Use of Technology Equipment

In an effort to assist students with their educational needs, the District may, in certain instances, lend students technology equipment for use at home. Loan determinations will be made on a case-by-case basis. Unless mandated by educational plans requiring accommodations, access to equipment may be restricted due to availability of equipment or the capacity of the District to support the service.  

Equipment may be provided through the technology department, the library or other District programs/resources, at the discretion of the District.

The District does not offer user support for lent technology equipment. The student must meet with District personnel to be trained about appropriate use of the equipment. Personnel will assess student’s ability prior to approving the loan. The student’s continued use of equipment will be contingent upon proper use of, and continued need for, the equipment.

The student will be financially responsible for broken or lost equipment. The equipment must be replaced or paid for in a timeframe determined by the District.



Authorizing Document(s)

POLICY IA: Goals of Instructional Program



July  2014