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I1: Use Of Audio/Visual Media In Classroom Instruction

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Category I: Instruction

Procedure I1: Use of Audio/Visual Media in Classroom Instruction

The use of audio/video media in classroom instruction should have direct bearing on the curricular focus. When selecting audio/video media to be used in classroom instruction, teachers should review the media item in its entirety. Teachers should consider:

  • the degree to which the media item directly relates to a current curricular focus;
  • the general appropriateness of the media item in terms of content and accessibility to the specific grade level s/he teaches; and
  • whether it is anticipated that instructional time spent on the media item will have a direct and positive impact on student learning.
  • Questions about content, bias or presentation should be discussed with the principal or department chair in advance.

    Additionally, the principal or department chair should be informed in advance if:

    • Use of media item(s) will take up a significant portion of instructional time over multiple days, or
    • The teacher feels that the content of the material may merit advance notice to parents/guardians.

    Upon request, a student, with parental/guardian permission, may be excused from specific media-based instruction based on the content. Exempted students should be provided with meaningful alternative work. Unless excused, all students should have access to the audio/visual media opportunity.


    Authorizing Document(s)

    POLICY IJ: Instructional Materials Selection

    Mass. 603 CMR 26.00: Access To Equal Educational Opportunity




    July 2014