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G8: Leave For Bereavement

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Category G: Personnel

Procedure G8: Leave For Bereavement

Through its negotiated contracts, the District provides staff with leave for bereavement in the case of death in the immediate family. The definition of family members is outlined in the negotiated contractfor the relevant work group.

Whenever it is necessary for staff to be absent for reasons of bereavement, it is the responsibility of the staff person to request a leave and/or report the absence.  Prior notification of a leave for purposes of bereavement is desirable; however, the district understands that some circumstances do not permit prior notification.

Once the principal or director accepts this leave designation, either the principal or director or the staff person will be expected to record it using the District’s attendance system.

If some circumstance exists to cause the principal or director to disagree with the appropriateness of the leave, this administrator may request additional information from the staff person.  If appropriate, the administrator will notify the staff person in writing of the reason why the leave should not be so designated.  The teacher can accept this decision and either designate the leave time as personal leave (if available) or as non-paid time or s/he can take action in accordance with the established grievance procedures as outlined in the negotiated contract.



Authorizing Document(s)

POLICY CBC: Superintendent Of Schools: Appointment And Responsibilities



July 2014