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G6: Professional Relationships With Students

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Category G: Personnel

Procedure G6: Professional Relationships With Students 

Teachers and other district staff working with students have a great responsibility as educators and role models for students.  In order to maintain the respect and confidence of students, parents, members of the community, and colleagues, employees should strive for the highest possible degree of ethical conduct at all times.  Additionally, given the legal issues regarding the protection of children and the seriousness of all forms harassment and bullying, it is essential that employees maintain legally-conforming behavior. Whenever there is doubt about the intentions of a staff member in his or her relationship with a student(s), students and the staff member are at risk.

Specific guidance is provided in the Code of Conduct of the APEA Contract and more specificity is contained in the District’s “Boundaries Document.” These guidelines are intended to maximize the safety and protection of students, as well as to protect staff members from allegations that may adversely affect their professional reputation and their livelihood.

All staff members are encouraged to form positive, professional relationships with students that are appropriate to their school roles. 

No matter how old or mature they may be, school-aged students are children. Student teachers, tutors, coaches, and all staff are adults.   Boundaries between students and adults must be clear and will be maintained without exception.   Adults should speak like, dress like, and respond like adults.  There are clear boundaries that must not be crossed. 

If there are any questions, employees are strongly encouraged to contact the Human Resource Office.



Authorizing Document(s)

POLICY JA: Student Policies Goals

POLICY JICK: Sexual Harassment Of Students



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