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The following principles and practices pertain to interns within the Districts.

  • Principle of Involvement:  The district is obligated to help train the teachers of tomorrow to guarantee the quality of tomorrow’s educational programs.
  • Principle of Control:  Training interns in no way diminishes our responsibility for the quality of the instructional programs and environment presented to our students.  The control of such quality is charged to each professional staff member regardless of the amount of authority that the staff member gives to or withholds from interns.  Thus, supervising teachers must determine the degree of authority which they grant interns primarily on the basis of adjusting such to the ability of the individual trainees to maintain the quality of the instructional program.
  • Supervision Practices:  Supervising teachers should ordinarily remain in classrooms with their interns to exercise strong control over the quality of instruction.
  • Assignment Practices:  Ordinarily, each intern should be assigned to one supervising teacher or one teaching team.  Giving a trainee a chance to see other grade levels, courses, or professional personnel can be accomplished through limited observation during released time or “free periods.”
  • Time Schedule of Interns:  Supervising teachers should make it clear to beginning interns that they are expected to report for duty on a schedule conforming to the school calendar from the time that they first report for duty to the time that their training semester ends.
  • Staff Status of Trainees:  Interns should be considered part of the district staff.  They should be introduced to pupils in their role as members of our teaching teams.
  • Recommendations for Permanent Positions:  Hiring persons who have already proven their capability in our classrooms makes good sense, and each supervising teacher is encouraged to submit a recommendation to the Superintendent’s office for any intern they determine worthy of joining the staff.

Deviations from the above guidelines may be authorized for special purposes by individual principals.



Authorizing Document(s)

POLICY CBC: Superintendent Of Schools: Appointment And Responsibilities



July 2014