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G4: Substitute Paraeducators, Interns, Pre-Practicum Students

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Category G: Personnel

Procedure G4: Substitute Paraeducators, Interns, Pre-Practicum Students

Paraeducators as Substitutes for Teachers

Paraeducator substitutes, when necessary, will be paid a differential for their service as substitute teachers as per the collective bargaining agreement. 

Interns and Practice Teachers as Paraeducator or Teacher Substitutes

The use of interns as paid aide substitutes is not encouraged and may be in conflict with the practices and/or agreements between the districts and the sending institutions.  The occasional covering of a paraeducator or teacher’s absence by an unpaid intern may be consistent with expectations for an intern’s effective practicum experience.


Authorizing Document(s)

POLICY CBC: Superintendent Of Schools: Appointment And Responsibilities



July 2014