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G2: Compensation for Extended Service

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Category G: Personnel

Whenever possible, all meetings that require the attendance or professional services of teachers will be scheduled during the regular work day.  Exceptions to this scheduling may include regularly scheduled department or elementary curriculum committee meetings, building staff meetings, and parents’ nights, in accord with current practice.

A teacher may be required by the District to attend an in-service or training program beyond the regular working hours. If compensation is provided, the type of participation by the teacher, primarily but not limited to being a presenter or participant, shall inform the level of compensation.

Whenever the professional skills of a teacher are required by the District or his/her supervisor to provide service beyond the regular working day to students with special needs under Chapter 766 of the General Laws,  compensation shall be provided to the teacher at his/her hourly rate as identified in the negotiated APEA contract.

All such requests for compensation for staff attendance or provision of services beyond the regular school day shall be forwarded in writing by the teacher to the appropriate supervisor. The supervisor will submit the request for approval to the principal or director, as appropriate. Advance approval is required before any final agreements are made. Approval will be considered granted only following written notification by the principal or director. No retroactive approvals will be recognized.


Authorizing Document(s)

Amherst-Pelham Education Association, Unit A Professional Staff Contract



July 2014