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G11: Parent Involvement In Teacher/Staff Hiring

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Category G: Personnel

Procedure G11: Parent Involvement In Teacher/Staff Hiring 

Parents and guardians of the district may participate in the candidate review, interview, and recommendation process for teacher and staff vacancies at the discretion of the Principal. When a vacancy is for a position shared among multiple buildings, at least one person representing each building will be invited to participate.

1. The principal will seek parent/guardian participation on the interview committee for a teacher or staff vacancy. The principal(s) will identify the number of parent/guardian slots to be filled on the interview committee. 

2. At the principal’s discretion the following practices may be followed:

  • The principal may select a parent/guardian from the School Council or Parent Guardian Organization.
  • The principal may seek volunteers from a group of parents/guardians deemed to have greater interest and/or knowledge about the vacancy.
  • The parent/guardian body may determine the process for selecting its representative(s) and will report the name and address for each representative to the Principal.  
  • 3. The principal(s) will notify the Human Resources Office of the names and addresses of the parent/guardian representative(s) who will participate for each interview process.

    4. The parent/guardian representative(s) will be a full participant in all facets of the staff recommendation process.  This includes application review, interviewing, voting on a recommended candidate to the Superintendent, and participation in any review sessions to resolve any conflicts or problems that might arise if there are questions concerning the recommendation. The parent/guardian will be held to the same requirements of confidentiality regarding the process as staff on the committee.



    Authorizing Document(s)

    POLICY KB: Parent Involvement In The Schools



    July 2014