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G10: Evaluation, Renewal or Dismissal of Paraeducators

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Category G: Personnel

Procedure G10: Evaluation, Renewal or Dismissal of Paraeducators

Evaluation of paraeducators should be an ongoing process.  However, all paraeducators, with the exception of short-term, non-contracted paraeducator substitutes, shall be evaluated by their supervisor in accordance with the provisions contained in the APEA Unit C Paraeducator negotiated contract. The evaluation will include a mid-year verbal evaluation and an end-of-year written evaluation.

The paraeducator should receive a copy of her/his written evaluation by June 1 of each year. The paraeducator should sign a copy of the evaluation signifying receipt, not necessarily agreement with the findings.  If the paraeducator does not agree with any portion of the evaluation or recommendation, the paraeducator may attach an accompanying statement.

Non-renewal or Dismissal

If a paraeducator is performing unsatisfactorily, the following procedures shall apply:

  • The supervising teacher shall provide the paraeducator an oral warning, citing areas needing improvement. This oral warning should occur during the verbal evaluation in January so that the paraeducator can take corrective action or initiate further discussion with the supervisor.
  • If the cited issue(s) remain unresolved, the supervising teacher shall speak with the principal and the Human Resources office to initiate progressive discipline, which may result in termination. 
  • The principal or appropriate administrator shall make an independent evaluation and, if concurring, will forward the receipted notice of contract non-renewal or dismissal and any attachments from the supervising teacher, to the Human Resources Director .  The recommended contract non-renewal or dismissal action will then be carried out.



    If a paraeducator whose contract is not renewed, or who is dismissed, feels this action was based on errors of fact, or was unreasonable, the paraeducator may appeal the action. 

    Any appeal must be submitted in writing within two weeks of receipt by the paraeducator of his/her contract non-renewal or dismissal notice.  All appeals will be handled expeditiously, and all decisions shall be in writing to the paraeducator with a copy provided to the supervising teacher and the principal or appropriate administrators.

    The order of appeal shall be as follows:

  • the principal or appropriate administrator
  • the Human Resources Director
  • the Superintendent or her designee

    Authorizing Document(s)

    POLICY CHA: Development Of Regulations



    July 2014