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There is always something going on in the art room, and we could always use helping hands! Some volunteer jobs include hanging students’ art in the halls, organizing supplies, repairing things, cleaning storage areas, and updating the website. Some families have enjoyed having a weekly volunteering hour in the art room, while others have come in for one-time volunteer opportunities. If you have some time and would like to help out, please contact Ms. Singer using the “Contact Me” form on the left sidebar. 

Art Room Wish List – Updated for 2014-2015!

If you have any of these items, we would love to make art with them. Items in bold are priority items. Anything you have 60-70 of, we can probably find a use for it. If you have something that you think we could use, please don’t hesitate to drop it off in the art room or send it with a student. We are very creative with our projects, but if we can’t use it, we will find someone who can or toss it lovingly. Thank you!

Pliers (needle nose are best, but any kind is great)
Wire cutters
Dried-out markersWire coat hangersCereal boxes (flattened)
NewspaperSkeins or balls of Yarn – any kind or color
Knitting needlesCrochet hooksWashed, raw, or roving wool
Shoe boxes
Fabric of all kinds and sizes
Clean nylon stockings Wallpaper booksPaint chip sample papers
Coffee filtersPipe cleaners
Zip-lock storage bags of all sizesAluminum foil
Wax paper
Parchment paper
Paper towels
Facial tissueClothes pins
Wood scraps of all shapes and sizes
Plexiglass (any sizes)Thread, needles, seam rippers, straight pinsStuffing for dolls, puppets, pillows String, twine, cord
Old calendars with interesting pictures
Animal skulls or skins (clean please) for drawing
Sea shells
Old inexpensive jewelry
Old kitchen utensils
Books from hair stylists (full frontal faces and facial features)
Store manikins
Old solid colored bed sheetsCDs or DVDs – for sculptures!Small computer or electronic parts
Old coffee table art books and “how to” art books for our classroom’s Visual Library