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NEW! We’re on Twitter!

Follow us @FortRiverArt or visit to check out what we’re working on in Art. You’ll find tweets with photos of our young artists at work, exciting moments from the art room, and of course, lots of artwork! 

This Twitter page is designed for celebrating the work of our young artists and sharing the exciting goings-on of the Fort River Art Room with families and community members. Photos are only posted in accordance with families’ preferences as indicated on our Release of Information Opt-Out form. That is, if you indicated that you do not want photos of your student or their work shared on web pages, or that you do not want photos of your student publicized at all, they will not be posted here. If you would like to change these preferences, or make an exception for our Art Twitter page, please contact me at or contact the school office. If you would like a photo of your student or your student’s work removed at any time, please contact me and I will remove it right away. 

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