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Welcome to Math Intervention!

The math intervention team includes:
Anne Kornblatt and Kristen Lynch, Grades 2,3,4,5,6 support
and Amy Chang, Grades K and 1 intervention support and math coach. 

Through in-class work, pull-out groups and instructional support for teachers, we help the whole school to think mathematically. 

Here is this year’s Enhancement Block schedule:
Kindergartners receive in-class support
Grade 1 receives in-class support
Grade 2: 12:15–12:45 
Grade 3: 11:00–11:30
Grade 4: 1:20–1:50
Grade 5: 11:40–12:10
Grade 6: 2:35–3:10 

Intervention groups happen in the fall, in the winter and in the spring. Children focus on number sequencing, on developing numeracy (a sense of how numbers work), and on developing greater comfort and fluency with numbers, shapes and logic.
Please feel free to contact us with questions. (Anne) (Amy)