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Fort River School is located at 70 Southeast Street Amherst, Ma.
We are a school dedicated to the education of students in grades K-6.

Our Mission

The mission of Fort River Elementary School is the development of the whole (intellectual, physical, social, emotional and creative) child in an environment in which all students are appreciated, nurtured, and challenged according to their individual strengths and needs.

A Fort River education will foster students’ desire and provide the skills and strategies necessary for lifelong learning.  Students will also develop a strong sense of caring and responsibility for themselves and others, their community, and our natural resources.

We believe:

* That all children can learn and achieve.
* That we should hold high expectations for all children (and ourselves).
* That our environment should be one in which there is unconditional respect and acceptance for all individuals, and that we are members of a professional learning community that extends to all students and families.