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Employment in the school districts requires compliance with all provisions of the Employee Handbook, including the Boundaries Document, as well as the Conflict of Interest Law for Municipal Employees. (For your convenience, to navigate the Employee Handbook, you can access information within the document by clicking on the titles of the index.)

A list of the Unit A, B, and C contracts:






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Letter to Educators from the U.S. Department of Education:

A new Dear Educator Letter from the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) reminds schools of their obligation to investigate and address all forms of harassment in educational environments, including harassment directed toward Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) students. This responsibility carries through the academic year and in summer school-sponsored activities. The new letter also provides resources to support schools in fulfilling this responsibility.

Please review the letter and share with your colleagues. You will find this letter in OCR’s News Room.

Earlier this month, OCR, jointly with the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division, issued Confronting COVID-19-Related Harassment in Schools, a resource for students and families, in English and multiple Asian/Pacific Islander languages. Today’s Dear Educator Letter builds on efforts across the government, including President Biden’s memorandum, Condemning and Combating Racism, Xenophobia, and Intolerance Against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the United States, to recognize and address the recent increase in harassment and violence directed at AAPI individuals.

We thank you for your attention and your work in supporting equal opportunity and educational environments that are free from discrimination, including harassment, for all students