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E4: Use Of School Transport Outside School Hours

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Category E: Support Services

The school district owns vehicles which are used to transport students within the district.

On limited occasions, use of the school-owned vehicles may be authorized to transport students outside school hours as part of school-related, extra-curricular programs. Only properly licensed district personnel may request use of a vehicle.

The Transportation Department is responsible for ensuring that vehicles are always available for their primary purpose and use.  Due to increasing use of the vehicles, the opportunities for scheduling vehicles for transportation of students for extra-curricular activities may be limited. The impact on regular transportation operations and the need to fulfill its transportation requirements will always be the primary factor used by the Transportation Department in determining whether school-owned vehicles can be made available for additional purposes. 

Procedures for requesting the use of these school-owned vehicles are as follows:

  • A written request for scheduling a vehicle must be  forwarded to the Transportation Director at least one full week before the date transportation is desired.  The request must include the approval of the appropriate principal or director.  Request forms are available in the principals’ offices and the Transportation Office.
  • The Transportation Director will decide whether a school-owned vehicle can be scheduled based on the following conditions:
    • A vehicle in working order is available and is not needed by the Transportation or Maintenance departments;
    • The district member proposing to drive the vehicle is properly licensed and has been approved by the Transportation Department regarding operation of the vehicle;
  • The district staff member requesting the vehicle will be notified in writing by the Transportation Director if a vehicle can be used.



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Policy CHA: Development Of Regulations



July  2014