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E2: Special Request for Student Transportation

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In all situations, variations to regular transportation will be granted only if there is adequate room on vehicles serving the Districts. The Transportation Director reserves the right to adapt the following process or deny alternate arrangements if he/she determines that a particular instance does not serve the best interest or risks the safety of the student.

Alternate Routes

Students may request an alternate transportation route to or from school for non-school activities. Alternate routes can be requested for a one-time situation or a regularly occurring variance. As long as variations are consistently maintained, daily variations are acceptable (i.e. Mondays drop-off at bus stop A, Tues drop-off at bus stop B, etc.) Inconsistent schedules will not be accommodated.

Students may be granted transportation for an alternate route if the following conditions are met:

  • A written request for an alternate route must be submitted to the Transportation Office at least three (3) school days prior to when the transportation is needed. Exceptions may be made for emergencies or at the discretion of the Transportation Director.
  • There is adequate room on the vehicle to seat the additional student.

All decisions regarding alternate transportation are made by the Transportation Director.

At the time of transportation, all students, both elementary and secondary, must have a bus pass confirming the alternate route. No alternate transportation will be provided without a bus pass.  Bus passes will be provided by the school based on written request from the parent/guardian. Instructions from home may be “blanket notes” (e.g. “Johnny has permission to ride Bus 20 to xx stop every Tuesday”). Passes will be collected by the driver.

Alternate Bus Stops on Regular Route

Students riding their regular route may embark or disembark at a bus stop other than their regular stop only if a written request from their parent/guardian has been submitted to the principal and forwarded to the Transportation Director. Requests should be made at least three (3) school days in advance.  Exceptions may be made for emergencies or at the discretion of the Transportation Director. Approval for pick-up or drop-off at a non-regular bus stop is required by the Transportation Director.

Normally an alternate bus stop must be another scheduled stop on the same route. School buses will not make stops at unscheduled locations unless a special request has been submitted and approved by the Director of Transportation (see above).

School Choice Transportation

Elementary students who attend school in the Districts through “school choice” will not be allowed to ride a school bus to and from school. There shall be no exceptions.

Secondary students who attend school in the District through “school choice” may be allowed to ride a school bus to and from school. Transportation for these students will be considered if there is availability on the appropriate school bus and if, by providing such transportation, the regular transportation needs of the district are not negatively impacted. Secondary “choice” students must submit a transportation request and complete a liability waiver prior to transportation being considered by the District. Secondary “choice” students will be assigned to a bus stop currently used by in-District students.


Students who live a distance from school that does not qualify them for bus transportation (1.5 miles), may be granted transportation by the Superintendent if walking to school is determined by the administration to be dangerous. A written request for transportation must be submitted to the Transportation Director.



Authorizing Document(s)

POLICY EEA: Daily Transportation



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