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D1: Management of Grants and Grant Proposals

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Category D: Fiscal Management


Grant Proposals and Submission

All grant proposals submitted in the name of the district(s) or to which the district(s) will be a recipient of its benefits, or fiscal agent of its funds, must be approved by the Superintendent, or her/his designee, prior to grant submission.  Actual submission of grants must be handled by the Business Office. All submitted grants must have a district employee designated to serve as the grant administrator. The grant administrator will serve as the primary point of contact within the district(s) for management of the grant including oversight of implementation, documentation and reporting.  Two copies of each grant proposal submitted must be retained by the designated grant administrator—one copy of which shall be forwarded upon submission to the Finance Director.

Grant Administration and Management

The Finance Director or her/his designee shall be responsible for fiscal and administrative oversight of any grant funds awarded to the district(s). Oversight will include business procedures, revenue and expense control, financial reports and audit.  The grant administrator will be responsible for operational management of the grant including implementation, compliance, and gathering required documentation. The grant administrator shall administer the grant relative to its intent, terms, and conditions, and in accordance with all procedures established both by the granting agency and the business office.  The grant administrator shall ensure that copies of all grant-related documents including applications, approval notices, amendments, contracts, bids, quotations, evaluations, reports, etc. are forwarded to the Finance Director in a timely and comprehensive manner.  While the grant administrator may delegate some responsibility relative to implementation of the grant-funded program, overall control and responsibility shall not be delegated without the Superintendent’s approval.

Purchases and Procurement Using Grant Funds

The expenditures of funds will be in accordance with the intent, terms and conditions of the grant, and shall conform to the requirements of purchasing procedures established by the Business Office and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

  • All contracts for professional services shall follow state procurement procedures, especially the requirements to seek qualified vendors or put contracts out to bid depending upon the value of the contract. The business office will manage the required processes and maintain the necessary documentation of the process. When appropriate to facilitate the process, the grant administrator will provide the information necessary to solicit services consistent with state law.
  • Contractual agreements will require a purchase order and a standard Contract for Services; other forms may be required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or the Business Office. Detailed requirements may be found in the Business Office’s Purchasing Manual.   The consultant will be required to complete and sign all required forms prior to the delivery of services.  Upon the conclusion of services, the consultant must submit an invoice referencing the purchase order number, and the program administrator must, in turn, sign the pink purchase order copy as complete before any payment will be made.

 District Staffing Using Grant Funds

For personnel employed by the district(s) who shall be paid using grant funds, please refer to Procedure G12: Use Of Grants Funds For The Extension Of Staff Positions.


Authorizing Document(s)

POLICY DI: Fiscal Accounting And Reporting

POLICY DJ: Purchasing



July 2014