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Welcome to Crocker Farm School!

Crocker Farm Elementary School welcomes children from pre-school through sixth grade.  We are located at 280 West Street in South Amherst, Massachusetts.

Learning happens weekdays from 8:10 am – 2:40 pm.  Our vibrant classrooms include native speakers of over fifteen different languages.  We enjoy growing along with our students.  Our hard-working and passionate staff members are focused on the development of each child.  We celebrate the diversity of our learning community through our curriculum and our continual focus on social justice.  We remain culturally responsive and help fortify our community by hosting school-wide events such as Math Night, Literacy Night, Dr. Martin Luther King Day, and cultural arts performances.  In addition, we have monthly K-6 assemblies to share our successes and investigate new art forms.

Our school building has been renovated and received a School Building Design Award in 2006 (awarded by the Massachusetts School Building Authority).  Our elementary age-specific playground was re-designed and built in 2010.  Our enclosed preschool play yard was totally remodeled in 2017 and is fully ADA compliant and accessible.  We also enjoy the large grass playing fields that are perfect for soccer or flag football during recess. Our students have supervised access to the beautiful hiking trail off the back of the school lot that extends to Mount Norwottuck and Mount Holyoke Range State Parks.  Furthermore, a family graciously donated a raised bed community garden and several fruit trees.  Each classroom helps tend the gardens and amends the soil with compost that comes from our lunchroom leftovers. This hands-on outdoor learning is just one of the many facets of the Crocker Farm curriculum that our community cherishes.

We are fortunate to have an active Parent Guardian Organization (PGO).  They support teachers and students by hosting an autumn harvest festival, ice cream social, school dances, and offering treats during the all-school events.  Every family becomes and immediate and entitled member of the PGO — simply by sending their child to our school.  The purpose of the PGO is to work in tandem with the administrators and the teachers to ensure that every family feel welcomed. For up to the date information about school events, please click on the most recent edition of “The Crocker Chronicles,” peruse the school calendar, or click the link to the PGO blog.  We welcome you to Crocker Farm and hope that you will discover it to be an exciting place for children to grow and learn!

Policy AC: Commitment to Nondiscrimination and Educational Equity

The Amherst-Pelham Regional District, the Amherst Public Schools, and the Pelham Elementary School do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, economic status, homelessness, political party, or disability in admission to, access to, employment in, or treatment by its programs and activities.

Principal: Derek Shea

Main Office: (413) 362-1600

School Cancellation Line: (413) 362-1898

Absence Notification Line: (413) 362-1659

School day: 8:10 AM – 2:40 PM

*If you find any issues with our site (broken links or empty pages) please contact Sasha Figueroa at FigueroaS@arps.org. Thank you for your help!

A Word

From Our Superintendent

” The mission of our district is to support our talented students in every step of their educational journey, from Pre-K to graduation, and to help them become successful, contributing members of our multicultural society. We challenge students to strive toward the outer edge of their skill level, while still maintaining a whole-child approach that supports their creativity and social skills development. ARPS teachers are experts in their field who are deeply knowledgeable about their content, but their dedication to students is what draws families to our schools.
ARPS students are incredibly academically successful, and we are extremely proud of that success; however, we have just as much pride in our students’ cultural and social growth. ARPS has a very diverse student body, with more than 40 native languages spoken. As a community, we honor all of our students’ heritages with an unwavering commitment to equity and social justice. Those commitments, along with our unique demographics, ensure that ARPS students learn as much from each other as they do from the formal curriculum.
I am honored to serve the ARPS community as we work together to help our students reach their goals and realize their full potential. Welcome to ARPS!”

– Dr. Michael Morris

Event Calendar

March 2023

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  • PreK-12: Early Release 12:30 dismissal
  • PreK-12: Early Release 12:30 dismissal
  • Kindergarten Registration
  • Kindergarten Registration
  • PreK-12: Early Release 12:30 dismissal
  • PreK-12: Early Release 12:30 dismissal

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