Amherst-Pelham Regional Public Schools




170 Chestnut Street,
Amherst MA 01002


May 4, 2020

VELA SCHOLARS Parents & Guardians,

I hope that you are well, happy and healthy! This letter is to inform you that the VELA Scholars Program has been working hard to create some online activities & offer free tutoring for your students. These activities are available to ALL ARMS students. We will be utilizing Google Meet as well as social media (instagram= @VELA_Scholars) to easily keep in touch and send reminders about activities being offered. We ask that parents also let students know about these activities. We are trying to keep them as active & interactive as possible. We think it is important to give students a place where they can see & interact with familiar faces.

If you are interested in signing your child up please email with:
1. Name of your child
2. Activities they want to participate in (they can do more than one a day)
3. Your name on the bottom indicating you have read & accept the terms of the Parent Notice of Remote Learning