Amherst-Pelham Regional High School

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Weather Cancellation: 413-362-1898


21 Mattoon Street,
Amherst MA 01002

 All members of the school community are expected to accept responsibility for their own actions; to express appropriately their own ideas without infringing upon the rights of others; to recognize the effect of their behavior on others; to demonstrate perseverance in working to accomplish goals; to recognize and respect individual differences; and to demonstrate physical self-control and care and respect of materials, possessions and facilities.

Every student should have the opportunity to receive an education in an atmosphere free of physical and psychological disruption. The school staff, students and parents/guardians must work together to create such an environment. This must be a constant, on-going task for our community. The Code of Conduct informs students of those behaviors that the school staff, students and parents/guardians have found to be conducive to a positive learning environment. Disciplinary actions are taken to promote a positive learning environment and to support the achievement of every student. In cases of mistaken or wrongful disciplinary action, a student is entitled to an apology from the responsible party.

The aims of the Code of Conduct are:

  • to ensure that the school environment provides all students the opportunity to pursue their education without disruption
  • to safeguard students’ rights to due process, freedom of expression, orderly assembly, privacy of person, equal treatment and freedom from discrimination
  • to encourage self-discipline
  • to provide written rules that govern student conduct in school, on school grounds on school-sponsored trips, at school-sponsored activities and on school buses and to state the consequences of breaking those rules.