Amherst-Pelham Regional High School

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Core Values and Beliefs

Home 5 Core Values and Beliefs

High Achievement, Best Practices, Social Justice

1. The high school administration, faculty, and staff believe in promoting high achievement for all students.

  • We develop and implement a developmentally appropriate, challenging, and diverse curriculum, based on national and state standards.
  • We emphasize high expectations for all students.
  • We maintain inclusive and diverse educational environments that promote success for students with diverse challenges and learning styles.

2. The high school administration, faculty and staff believe in working from research-based best practices that promote student achievement.

  • We collaborate with colleagues to regularly develop curriculum and assessment, incorporate known best practices to support effective instruction and classroom innovations, and to ensure high professional standards in our work;
  • We create effective ways of gathering and analyzing data from student performance and use it to monitor individual student progress and inform instruction within and across departments;
  •  We build partnerships with academic institutions and community organizations that enrich students and staff and add value to our school system.

3. The high school administration, faculty and staff believe that an education in diversity and social justice is essential for all members of our community. We believe that these values help us to recognize our civic responsibilities and the potential we share to make a positive difference in and beyond the school.

  • We develop curricula that educate students about the historical injustices suffered by people because of their identity.
  • We create a learning environment where students can grow personally, acknowledge their identities, and express differences while nurturing acceptance and respect for self and others.
  • We provide professional development opportunities for faculty and staff in diversity training and social justice education.
  • We celebrate the diversity within our community and affirm the bond we share as human beings.