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ARHS Registration Requirements

Home 5 ARHS Registration Requirements
  1. Parents must provide current proof of residency within the Region at the time of enrollment. Proper documentation of this can be Purchase/Sale or Rental/Lease agreements that contain verifiable current information, such as names and phone numbers of landlords, etc. If the lease is about to expire, our policy requires you to provide a copy of the new lease when it is signed, and copies every year after.
  2. If applicable to your family situation, proof of physical custody, which has been granted by a court of law and contains verifiable current dates and information.
  3. Admission to the Amherst Regional Schools is subject to receipt of discipline records from previous school(s).
  4. birth certificate must be provided at the time of enrollment.

  5. Any student with a primary language other than English must take a placement test before scheduling can take place with a guidance counselor. The English Language Learners Department Head will coordinate the testing.
  6. math placement exam may be necessary which will be determined at the time of registration.
  7. Final official transcripts are necessary for proper placement of students, especially if they are beyond grade 9. We will send a request for an official transcript at the time of enrollment but it is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to ensure that the school receives a copy and that the copy is clearly marked with name of the student, school name, CEEB#, address and phone numbers, dates, grades, and credit issued. If transcripts are from another country — they must be clearly translated. All dates must be accurate and consecutive up to date of withdrawal.  Skipping grade levels or being retained a grade level is not permitted unless the student has failed a year and must repeat the year — these situations must be clearly documented upon submission. For middle school aged children (grade 7 or 8) proof of promotion to the next grade level with the correct dates (and translated if necessary) are required as noted above.
  8. If applicable, a copy of the IEP (Individualized Educational Plan) or any special needs reports or testing that is necessary for proper placement should be submitted when registering.
  9. A copy of a physical examination that has been given within the last 9-12 months — The STATE of MA requires that such proof be provided prior to the start of school. If a new physical examination is required, we must receive the name of the doctor and the time and date that a new physical is to be given.
  10. Immunization records must be documented by a licensed health care provider or former school health record and must include month, date, and year of each immunization. Serologic proof of immunity documented by a licensed health care provider is acceptable in place of immunizations. See a list of required immunizations.

We will make every effort to register your child (ren) as soon as possible, however, there are times when this process can and will take several days. You can expedite this process greatly if you have ALL DOCUMENTATION at the time of registration.

If you need any further information regarding enrollment for students in grades 7 – 12 please contact:

Michaela Tarr, Registrar, ARHS, 21 Mattoon Street, Amherst MA 01002

Phone (413) 362-1703, FAX: 413-549-9704, e-mail: