Amherst-Pelham Regional High School

Main Office: 413-362-1700

Attendance Line413-362-1718

Weather Cancellation: 413-362-1898


21 Mattoon Street,
Amherst MA 01002

Beepers/Cellular Phones

Beepers and cellular telephones may only be worn by students with documented needs who have received permission from the nurse and principal. Pay phones are available and a phone in the main office is available to students in case of an emergency. See Code of Conduct 23c for consequences related to improper use of cell phones and other electronic devices.

Directed Study & Electronic Devices

The use of walkemen, IPods and MP3 players is permitted during directed studies. However, their use is prohibited in the library. They are prohibited in any other room that you may go to during your study hall period. The volume of the headphones must be kept at a level so that persons in the proximity cannot hear any sound. A set of headphones can be used by only one person. The exchange of CDs, I-Pods or MP3 players with another student is prohibited. Only the student who owns the equipment may use it during the directed study.

Consequences for failure to comply with these provisions can be found in section 23c of the discipline code.


Prior permission from the nurse and the principal are required of students using the elevator.

Parking on School Grounds

Parking for students will be limited to the number of spaces available. All vehicles parked on school grounds must have a parking permit clearly displayed. Parking permits cost $75.00 per year and are not transferable. Seniors will be given priority status, followed by juniors whose academic programs include courses taken at area colleges and internships that occur during the school day. Consideration for the issuance of parking permits will be given to students who are directly involved in after-school home care, responsible for supporting their family through a job, living independently and self-supportive, and students participating in the school choice program.

Vehicles that do not display a valid ARHS parking permit are subject to towing without warning. Vehicles parked in unauthorized areas that inhibit access to the building for fire and other emergency situations will be towed.


Disciplinary consequences not served before the last day of school need to be completed before participation in graduation is permitted.

Skate Boards

Use of skate boards is not allowed on school property between the hours of 7:30 am and 3 pm.

Student I.D.

All students are required to have a school identification card in their possession at all times and to present it on request by school personnel.

Status of 18 Year Old Students

If an 18 year old student is emancipated and living independently on his or her own, outside of the home of his or her parent or guardian, then he or she can exercise all the rights of a parent or guardian. This includes signing absence, tardy and dismissal notes and providing permission to attend field trips or other school-sponsored events.

If a student is 18 and still living with his or her parent or guardian, only the parent or guardian is authorized to excuse absences and tardiness, request early dismissals and provide permission to attend field trips or other school-sponsored events.

Student Visitors

Arrangements for visitors must be made 2 days in advance with the principal, and written permission is required from all teachers using the form available in the main office.

Visitors will not be permitted on Fridays, the day preceding a holiday or school vacation, or during examination periods. Visitors must wear the visitor pass issued by the office at all times. Visitors who arrive without prior permission will be assisted in arranging transportation home.


Students should not come to school with valuable jewelry, electronic equipment, large sums of money, or credit cards in their possession. Under no circumstances should valuables be left in gym lockers, even those with locks attached. The school cannot assume responsibility for lost or stolen items. Students who lose valuable property in school should file a theft report in the Deans Office.