Learning Expectations

       Preamble: At ARHS, students must be able to think critically and work both

     collaboratively and independently to construct knowledge.

    These core skills are integrated throughout our school’s Learning Expectations.

  • ARHS students write effectively in a variety of formats.

  • ARHS students speak knowledgeably, clearly, and persuasively as a means of communication.

  • ARHS students read and listen for understanding.

  • ARHS students use quantitative and analytical reasoning skills to build understanding and solve problems.

  • ARHS students apply information literacy concepts and skills to use information resources critically and ethically.

  • ARHS students express themselves creatively in a variety of media.

  • ARHS students are informed, culturally aware and responsible local, national, and global citizens.

  • ARHS students demonstrate an understanding of historical and institutional injustice.

  • ARHS students demonstrate self-advocacy, self-respect, and respect for others.