Policy JLF: Students: Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect

The School Committee intends fully to comply with laws for reporting child abuse and neglect.

Any school official or employee who knows or has reasonable cause tosuspect that a child has been subjected to abuse or neglect, or observesthe child being subjected to conditions or circumstances which wouldreasonably result in abuse or neglect, will immediately report or cause areport to be made to the building principal or his/her designee, whowill then become responsible for making a report to the Department ofSocial Services as required by law.

Any person who, in good faith, participates in making such reports orin any judicial proceeding resulting therefrom will be immune fromcivil or criminal liability.

It is not the responsibility of the school official or employee whoinitiated the report to prove that the child has been neglected orabused.

The superintendent will prepare and implement such procedures as arenecessary to accomplish the intent of this policy and of the law.


MGL Chapter 119, Section 15.

Region Voted to Approve: 4/19/83
Amherst Voted to Approve: 5/3/83
Pelham Voted to Approve: 5/10/83
Effective Date: 4/19/83