Policy JLCA: Physical Examinations of Students

  Every student will be examined once in each school year for screeningin sight or hearing and for other physical problems as provided in laws.A record of the results will be kept by the school nurse.

A report of general physical examination on every student will berequired four times: upon entering school and upon admittance to thefourth, seventh, and tenth grades. The results of examinations will be abasis for determining what corrective measures or modifications ofschool activities, if any, should be recommended. A record of allexaminations and recommendations will be kept by the school nurse.

Every candidate for a school athletic team will present the signedconsent of parent or guardian in order to participate on a squad andwill, with the signed consent of parent or guardian, be thoroughlyexamined to determine physical fitness. The school physician willexamine athletes, except when a family wishes to have the examinationdone by its own doctor at its own expense. A written report stating thefitness of the student to participate signed by the physician will besent to the school principal.

The school physician will make a prompt examination of all childrenreferred to him by the school nurse. He will examine school employeeswhen, in his opinion, the protection of the students’ health may requireit. Except in an emergency, the school physician will not prescribefor or treat any student.


MGL 71:54 , 71:57

Region Voted to Approve: 4/19/83
Amherst Voted to Approve: 5/5/83
Pelham Voted to Approve: 5/10/83
Effective Date: 4/19/83