Policy JIE: Pregnant Students

  Pregnant students will be encouraged to continue to attend school.Every effort will be made to see that the educational program of thestudent is disrupted as little as possible, that return to school afterdelivery is encouraged, and that every opportunity to complete highschool is provided.

In accordance with Federal law and the Massachusetts Department ofEducation regulations and guidance, a student who is pregnant in theAmherst, Pelham, and the Amherst-Pelham Regional School District ispermitted to remain in regular classes and participate inextracurricular activities throughout her pregnancy. After givingbirth, a student is permitted to return to the academic program in whichshe was enrolled and is permitted to participate in extracurricularprograms.

The District does not require that a pregnant student obtaincertification from a physician that she is physically and emotionallyable to continue in school unless certification is required for allstudents with other physical or emotional conditions requiring theattention of a physician.


MGL 71:84

Region Voted to Approve: 5/15/07
Amherst Voted to Approve:
Pelham Voted to Approve:
Effective Date: 5/15/07