Policy JF: School Admissions

All children of school age who reside full-time with a parent orlegal guardian in Amherst, in Pelham, or in one of the Regional townswill be entitled to attend the public schools in Amherst, in Pelham, orin the Regional District respectively, as will certain children who donot reside in a town within the school district but who are admittedunder School Committee policies relating to non-resident students or byspecific action of the School Committee. (See Policy JFAA Enrollment: Non-resident Students and Policy JFABB Enrollment: Admission of Exchange Students.)

In the Amherst and Pelham School Districts, advance registration forprospective kindergarten students will take place each spring. Everystudent seeking admission to school for the first time must present abirth certificate or equivalent proof of age acceptable to the principaland proof of immunizations as required by the state and the SchoolCommittee. (See Policy JLCB Immunization.) Proof of residency and of legal guardianship are required for enrollment.

Children transferring into the school district from other schoolsystems will be referred for grade placement to the school principal. Ifthe grade level classification of the child is doubtful, the principalshall confer with the Superintendent before making permanent assignment.Except in extraordinary circumstances, students will not be assigned toa higher grade until they have spent a full year in their present gradein this school district or other school systems.


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Policy JFAA
Policy JFABB
Policy JLCB

Region Voted to Approve: 11/07/06
Amherst Voted to Approve: 11/14/06
Pelham Voted to Approve: 12/14/06
Effective Date: 12/14/06