Policy JC: Attendance Areas (Amherst)

Attendance areas for the elementary schools of the town of Amherstwill be drawn up by the Superintendent and approved by the SchoolCommittee. The primary considerations that govern the establishment of aschool attendance area are school capacity and transportationconsiderations. Generally, students will attend the school in theattendance area in which they live, except as enrollment in a school inanother area is approved in accordance with the Open Enrollment Policyor as a Special Education Placement.

In establishing an attendance area, the following general guidelines will also be applied:

  • Use of safe walking conditions consistent with the Committee’s transportation policies; where possible, major traffic thoroughfares and natural barriers will be used for boundaries.
  • Honoring community of interest; where possible, school attendance zones will incorporate community patterns.
  • From time to time an overcrowded condition in an existing school, thedevelopment of new residential areas, or the opening of a new schoolmay require the establishment or change of previously established schoolattendance areas.

    The Superintendent is authorized to make exceptions to attendancelines for individual children in the best interests of the studentand/or the school.

    Region Voted to Approve:
    Amherst Voted to Approve: 8/19/86
    Pelham Voted to Approve:
    Effective Date: 8/19/86