Policy HFA: Municipal Representatives in Collective Bargaining

In a Regional School District, a Municipal Representative will serveas a member of the School Committee on all matters related to collectivebargaining by the Regional School Committee. (MGL 150E:1, CMR603:41.04)

Selection of the Municipal Representative:

No less than 21 days before collective bargaining negotiationscommence in a regional school district, the Superintendent will send anotice to the town manager of each member town, or to the Chair of theSelect Board if there is no town administrator, indicating the time,place, and date of a meeting to be held by the Regional School Districtat which the Town Managers or Chairs of the Select Board will elect oneof their number to represent them pursuant to MGL 150E:1.

  • The meeting will be held no later than seven days before commencement of collective bargaining negotiations and will comply with the Open Meeting Law.

  • A Town Manager or Select Board Chair may designate a representative to attend the meeting and to vote in his/her place.

  • If the meeting does not result in the designation of a representative, the Superintendent will notify the Commissioner of Education, who shall randomly select one of the individuals.  Failure of the meeting to elect a representative will not delay or otherwise impede the collective bargaining process.

  • The individual chosen to represent member towns may serve either personally or through a designee.  If the person is barred from serving under provisions of the Conflict of Interest Law MGL 268A, the Select Board will designate an alternate.

  • Role of the Municipal Representative:

    The municipal representative will serve as a member of the RegionalSchool Committee on all matters related to collective bargaining by theRegional School Committee.  The municipal representative may serve onthe school district negotiating team if selected by the School Committeeto be a member of that sub-committee.

    Vote of the Municipal Representative:

    The municipal representative will have one vote in all School Committee deliberations on collective bargaining matters.


    MGL 150E:1, CMR 603:41.04

     Region Voted to Approve: 3/29/11
    Amherst Voted to Approve:
    Pelham Voted to Approve:
    Effective Date: