Policy CDC: Other Appointed Staff: School Business Manager

  The Amherst-Pelham Regional School Committee and the Amherst and PelhamSchool Committees, the latter two acting cooperatively through theUnion #26 School Committee, shall jointly appoint a School BusinessManager. This appointment by the Regional School Committee shallinclude the position and title of Treasurer in addition to BusinessManager. Such appointment shall be confirmed in a written Contract ofEmployment which shall include terms and conditions of employment.

The Business Manager/Treasurer shall be responsible to theSuperintendent of Schools for all the financial operations of the schooldistricts. A written job description, outlining the qualifications andresponsibilities of the Business Manager/Treasurer will be developed bythe Superintendent and approved by the School Committees.

The Business Manager/Treasurer is designated a managerial andconfidential employee in regards to collective bargaining as defined inChapter 150E of Mass. Legislation.

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