Policy BHC: Staff Communications and School Visits

  The School Committee wishes to maintain open channels of communicationbetween itself and the staff. The basic line of communication will,however, be through the Superintendent.

Staff Communications to the School Committee

All communications or reports to the Committee or any of itssubcommittees from principals, supervisors, teachers, or other staffmembers will be submitted through the Superintendent. This proceduredoes not deny the right of any employee to appeal to the committee foradministrative decisions on important matters, except those matters thatare outside of the Committee’s legal authority, provided that thesuperintendent has been notified of the forthcoming appeal and that itis processed in accordance with the Committee’s policy on complaints andgrievances. Staff members are also reminded that Committee meetingsare public meetings. As such, they provide an excellent opportunity toobserve first hand the Committee’s deliberations on problems of staffconcern.

School Committee Communications to Staff

All official communications, policies, and directives of staff interestand concern will be communicated to staff members through theSuperintendent. The Superintendent will develop appropriate methods tokeep staff fully informed of the Committee’s problems, concerns, andactions.

Visits of Schools

Individual School Committee members interested in visiting schools orclassrooms will first inform the Superintendent and then makearrangements for visitations through the principals of the variousschools. Such visits will be regarded as informal expressions ofinterest in school affairs and not as "inspections" or visits forsupervisory or administrative purposes. Official visits by Committeemembers will be carried on only under Committee authorization.

Region Voted to Approve: 10/10/06
Amherst Voted to Approve: 11/14/06
Pelham Voted to Approve: 11/02/06
Effective Date: 11/14/06