Policy BEDF: School Committees Voting

Voting at all School Committee meetings will be by voice or show ofhands, except as state Law or policy decrees otherwise. Roll call voteswill be taken when required by law or when requested by a Committeemember.

The Chair will state the number in favor and number opposed in thevote on any motion, and those numbers will be recorded in the minutes. When a vote is unanimous, stating that information in the minutes issufficient. The results of any roll call vote of the Committee will berecorded in the minutes.

For passage, a motion will be carried by a majority of those presentand voting, except when state law or Committee policy (including RobertsRules of Order) require a larger majority.

No motion on any important topic or policy will be voted on duringthe first meeting at which the motion is made. To allow time foradequate consideration, for gathering of necessary data and information,and for public comment, a motion will be voted on at a subsequentmeeting. An exception may be made if the topic has been fully discussedas an agenda item during a recent School Committee meeting. Exceptionswill be made for procedural motions, time sensitive motions, motions todeal with an emergency situation, motions on non-controversial minorissues, etc.


MGL 30A:1830A:20, 30A:21, 30A:22,  

Region Voted to Approve: 12/7/11
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