Policy BEDB: Agenda

The Chair and the Superintendent of Schools normally set the meetingagenda during the week before a meeting is scheduled.  The order ofitems on the meeting agenda will be arranged so that the Committee canaccomplish its business as efficiently as possible. 

The Committee will follow the order of business established by theagenda except as it votes to rearrange the order to expedite Committeebusiness, for the convenience of visitors, or for the convenience ofindividuals appearing before the Committee.

Items of business may be suggested by any member of the SchoolCommittee, staff, or the public. The inclusion of such items, however,will be at the discretion of the Chair and Superintendent.  A persondesiring to place items on the agenda will request such placement fromthe Superintendent or the Chairperson at least one week before themeeting.   Such requests will be in writing and will contain backgroundstatements which explain the scope and intent of the item.

During a School Committee meeting, the School Committee may vote to include a topic on a future agenda.

The School Committee meeting is not a public forum and each meeting has specific items of business
to address.  The agenda for each regular meeting will have a time forPublic Comment normally scheduled near the beginning of each meeting forbrief comments or questions from the public and Committee members aboutmatters not on the agenda.

If questions or inquiries can be answered briefly based on availableinformation the Committee Chair or Superintendent may respond at thattime; however, the Chair may request that the question be put in writingto the appropriate person so that the matter is given the properconsideration. (See policy BEDH.)

For each major agenda item, a specific time may be indicated forpresentations and comments from the Superintendent, to be followed byCommittee discussion and Committee action, if any, on the agenda item. 

The agenda, together with supporting materials, will be mailed oremailed to members at least three days before scheduled meetings. Agendas will be posted according to the requirements of the Open MeetingLaw (see policy BEDA) and made available to the press.  Copies of the agenda will be available to the public at all open session meetings.

In addition to the members of the School Committee, the Superintendent will regularly attend
the business meetings of the Committee.   Other specified schooldistrict personnel will attend as deemed necessary by theSuperintendent.


MGL 30A:18 , 30A:20, 30A:21, 30A:22, 30A:23 

Region Voted to Approve: 11/23/10
Amherst Voted to Approve: 4/26/11
Pelham Voted to Approve: 1/6/11
Effective Date: 11/23/10